Thursday, January 8, 2009

home makeover

right now i am in the midst of updating my house. i am so nitpicky (is that a word?) when it comes to changing anything. i have to think about it for months sometimes! recently, i had shelves in front of my large living room window that had been there for 5 years. it was brought to my attention that perhaps if the shelves were removed, then there would be much more space and light in the room. sooooo, i begrudgingly took down the shelves piece by piece the other night. instead of putting my favorite books and items in the attic i decided to re-do the built-in shelves that connect my living room with my kitchen. the picture above is the final product. it's very colorful, but it seems to work well. i would show pictures of the window without the other shelves, but i am still working on finding the perfect curtains, rods, etc...
i wish i had a before picture!

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