Thursday, December 25, 2008

location location location

i had to show a picture of the venue where we are having our wedding! this is a new event location in nashville and exactly what i was looking for! we really wanted something unique and urban, but we also wanted to get married outside. considering this place is right off of 2nd ave downtown, we struck gold! the courtyard is located right off the side of the "cellar". the event coordinator that we are working with is awesome. her name is mindy dees and she works for randi events. our next meeting is coming up in a few weeks and i am so excited to start actually seeing the reception come together! mindy will be helping with the catering (chef's market) and the furniture rentals (music city tents and events) as well. i'll keep everyone posted on the choices!

centerpiece dilemma

images from domino
HELP! i have too many thoughts about how i want the centerpieces to look. i know i do not want to spend alot of money on flowers (my wonderful friend offered to do them for me! gin, you still sure?????). i have been searching for any types of bud vases or "small-opening" vases to hold minimal flowers, but still look lovely. right now i am picturing antique round silver trays with different size vases on the larger tables. maybe some teacups or small bowls with flowers for the smaller tables??? 

oh crap. time ta get ta bloggin

okay, haven't posted in forever. my bad. been.... uhhh..... busy? lame excuse. i know. 
i was just perusing my favorite blogs (also behind in reading) and saw that i am mentioned or should i say LINKED(!!) to east side bride. EEEEK! obviously i need to get to work on mine now! i'm back on the web and ready to update. sorry for the horrible delay! 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

dinos and champagne

i am really drawn to this dino necklace. it's so fun!! you definitely would need the right outfit. i bet you would have some fun conversations start from it too. i also love the champagne flutes! these would be so cute for my wedding. they have a vintage milk glass feel to them which perfectly goes with my theme. these items are from eden & eden. i saw the same flutes in turquoise on design* sponge. they are SO cute in that color too!! i don't think that price is too high, do you? i plan on drinking champagne (or probably prosecco) the whole time at my wedding. mmmm....champie....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

globe pendants

my kitchen
west elm $129.00
y lighting $445.60

i love this light from y lighting! i have the grey one from west elm hanging above my kitchen table. such a great deal! i looked for a YEAR to find a light i really liked. this one was perfect because of the price and style! i just stumbled on this other one from y lighting. i'm pretty obsessed with it now. yes, it is 4 times the cost of the west elm one, but it would be perfect for the hallway upstairs. can't you just imagine it on a dimmer? it's such a statement. if anyone wants to get this for me for a wedding gift that would be awesome. heehee.